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2021 01 03 Podcast 007


Bearcat QHSE Training LLC update 2021 01 05

You should be making the best quality products, not inuring or killing people.


Are you preparing your new employees by providing them proper Orientation Training before you send them to On The Job Training (OJT)?

If not you are wasting time and money.

Set up a New Employee (Onboarding) checklist

Include all Quality, Safety, Health, Environmental and Security training

Include all government mandated training

Break up the monotony of a day of training by taking breaks to meet Management, Supervisors, Leads and coworkers. Taking them on a Ture of the faculty. Be sure to point out break rooms, restrooms, hazards and safety equipment evacuation and shelter routs and assembly areas.

By the time the onboarding training is over you should have all needed credentials for the new employee.

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